Why Live In Public On The Internet? - Lynne D Johnson

Why Live In Public On The Internet? – Lynne D Johnson

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Lynne D Johnson is an adjunct professor at SUNY, she’s worked in agencies like R/GA, in publishing companies such as Fast Company, and she did a stint at the Advertising Research Foundation.

She has spent well over two decades tinkering with the Internet, blogging, and expressing on social media. Lynne and I first crossed paths when Lynne was at Vibe Magazine – and I was publishing a hip hop magazine in Australia (Stealth), so it was great to be able to speak in public all these years later with both of us now in the same city.

We discuss:

  • The early days of magazine publishing, social networks, and the Internet 
  • Blogging While Black
  • SxSW 2005
  • Introversion and public self-expression
  • Dealing with online trolls
  • Class, race, and gender in media
  • Finding your voice online

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You can find Lynne here @lynneluvah

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