Sweathead Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questisons.
If your question is not answered below, feel free to contact us.
If you and others raise the same questions enough times, your Q may make it into the FAQ.

Your Account

I don't have a password for my account

If you originally set up an account on sweathead.com but forgot your password, simply go to “Sign In” and click “Forgot Password?” You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. 

If you signed up for the Strategy Summer camp (i.e. you signed up for membership before November 18th, 2021) and you are still paying for membership your account should be in the new system. We have migrated most accounts to this new website. You should have an email with your new password for sweathead.com. If you can’t find it, please go to “Sign In” and click “Forgot Password?” You will receive an email with a rest link. If the system says there is no account, please email us

I need to login to pay for an invoice

If you are paying for the Sweathead Strategy Accelerator for yourself, you should have an account set up under your email address. You should have received an email with instructions on how to set up your new account and how to pay your invoice. 

If you are paying for someone else, your invoice payment portal should be accessible as a Guest and not require an account. If you cannot access your payment portal, please email us for assistance. 

I need to change the email & name of my account

If you need to change your account’s primary email and/or change your account’s name, select your click your name in the top right corner. A drop-down menu will appear. Select “Profile.” On the Profile page, click the “Edit Profile” button. A new page will appear where you can change your name, email, as well as add other information like your nickname, current city, and other relevant information. 
On mobile, access this menu by clicking the menu on the top left of the screen and clicking “My Account.” From that page, you’ll be able to click “Edit Profile” and proceed the same as desktop users. 

The Sweathead Strategy Accelerator

Why do I need to pick a live session time?

Learning happens best when you know the people you’re learning with. Zoom learning is best when you can see all (or almost all) your classmates’ faces. 

So, we limited the number of attendees for each session. We’ve set up two times that should cover people in most time zones.

Can I attend a different live session time?

In general, we would like you to attend the time you sign up for. But we know that life is unpredictable and things come up. So if you need to attend the earlier or later session send us an email.

Community Membership

What am I signing up for?

If you become a member of Sweathead, you’ll get access to the Fundamentals of Strategy class that you can take at your own pace. Membership is charged on a recurring basis (monthly or annually). The classes will be available to you while you are an active member. If your credit card or Paypal payment fails, you’ll need to update your details. You won’t be able to access to the classes if your payment fails. You can update your payment details by logging into Sweathead.

What's the Sweathead Strategy Summer Camp? Is it part of the membership?

The Sweathead Strategy Summer Camp (100 Days of Strategy) was 100 days of learning for Sweathead Founding Members launched in the summer of 2020. Founding Members will retain access to that content into 2022, but new members cannot gain access to that content. 
The Fundamentals of Strategy takes the core fundamentals of the Strategy Summer Camp and repackages into more easily digestible content. 

Do I have to do one lesson to get the next lesson?

No, the Fundamentals of Strategy can be taken in any order you’d like. But we would highly recommend going in the order to get the best experience. 

Will the materials be available after finishing the Fundamentals of Strategy?

You will continue to have access to the Fundamentals of Strategy class after completing all of the lesson. 

If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to all content

Am I too experienced or too inexperienced for this?

This question is difficult to answer. Anyone who’s yearning to learn will get something out the classes. We touch on practical techniques, psychology, philosophy, as well as applying strategy techniques to mental health and life.

What level of difficulty is this material?

Fundamentals of Strategy isn’t aimed at a high or low level. It’s aimed at people with something to learn. It’s such a tough question. The simple things, we break apart and get you to explore them differently. The complex things, we make simple as best we can.

The Community practice briefs and exercises will be for strategists and aspiring strategists of all levels. You get out what you put in.

"Strategy Is Your Words"

Will the book be available in other formats?

We are currently selling it in one format – hardcover. 

The book is also available in Spanish and Portuguese. 

We’ll announce other formats later but we do not have any dates or plans in place.

Can I buy books for my company?

Of course. Add the desired number of books in your cart or email [email protected] if you need an invoice or other specific assistance. 

Will this book make a good text book?

Let’s hope so. It contains an uncommon mix of utterly practical techniques from the day job as well as absurdist philosophy and insights into the mind of a working strategist. Plus, it’s riddled with truth bombs. Apparently, students appreciate real talk. At least one class used the book as a textbook and they liked it. You can email [email protected] to find out how to order bulk copies.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we ship Strategy is Your Words to anywhere around the world that DHL provides service. International shipping is charged at a flat rate of $15. 
Delivery times for international shipping can vary dramatically by country. Shipping to Europe is typically 2-4 weeks and other countries are typically 3-6 weeks. 

How long does shipping take?

US packages are sent through USPS Media Mail shipping. Arrival times can range from 3-5 days to 2-3 weeks, depending on post office’s efficiency.
International shipping times vary significantly by country. Arrival times for European countries range from 2-4 weeks. Other international countries range from 2-8 weeks, depending on the local postal service and the customs process. 

Can I pay for expedited shipping?

Not at this time, unfortunately. In an effort to make the book available to as many people as possible we are offering only one category of shipping. We may offer expedited shipping in the future. 

My package hasn't arrived, what do I do?

A few things. First, check your shipping confirmation email and your tracking info to see where your package is. 
For international shipping:

International shipping uses DHL. In most countries, DHL hands off the package to the local postal service. DHL tracking does not include local postal service tracking information. Check with your local postal service for tracking updates. 

Packages are often held at DHL’s central hub in Germany for multiple weeks. There’s nothing we can except wait until the package departs. Please wait as they process the package, as there is nothing we can do except file a claim and begin the shipping process again.
For US shipping:

We ship through USPS. First, check the USPS tracking. If there is an issue, double-check the address is correct and that it was not delivered to a neighbor. If a package is held up in a USPS shipping facility for multiple weeks, please email us at [email protected] and we can investigate.