This annual membership will help your strategy career soar

Self-directed and cohort-based learning (Starter Mode is mostly self-directed)
It will get you up close with world-class experts

You can attend up to 4 half-day masterclasses each year by guest teachers

45+ video lessons on strategy fundamentals

Over 40 hours of strategy learning

Discounts on deeper training experiences such as the Sweathead Strategy Accelerator
Closed Slack community with hundreds of strategists

A copy of the book “Strategy Is Your Words” by Mark Pollard

One ticket to the Sweathead Do-Together each year

Community events

Subscribe for $995 per year

Give your strategy career a big 
push up into the sky

Learning strategy can happen in so many ways. You can take courses, fluke a great boss, read books, watch videos and more. But, when you’re on the job, sometimes it’s hard to find time for things that are off the job

This can lead you to:

Question whether you’re developing

Feel frustrated when your work isn’t fulfilling

Sense you’re burning out

Feel like your career is stuck.

The Sweathead Flight Mode Membership aims to put wings on your career with courses, resources, and access to world-class minds.

Community of hundreds of strategists

40+ hours of learning every year

Assignments you can share with peers

Quizzes, resources, and more

Subscribe for $995 per year

 What you’ll learn 

Our Flight Mode membership will give you access to hours of classes. The videos aren’t as fancy as our accelerator videos but, in our effort to make our classes available to as many people as possible, they still do the job. Topics include:

Finding the problem behind the problem
How to write an insight

Pyramid of advantage

What is strategy
10 ways to write strategy
The four points framework
How to start & navigate your strategy career
Transition from a strategist to a leader

How to make a strategy portfolio

How to be good to work with

Subscribe for $995 per year


Subscribe for $995 per year

Who is the Sweathead Flight Mode for?

Flight Mode is for people who want to take a running leap at their strategy career. You are probably a strategist with a few years experience on your or you might work in a role that requires you to do strategy, just not fulltime.

Flight Mode

You want to give your strategy career a big push

You want self-directed learning

You want access to the Sweathead Do-Together

You want access to other premium events and content.

USD $995/year

Starter Mode

You’re ready to take your strategy self more seriously

You want to take control of your strategy education

You’re happy working at your own pace.

Sign up your group 

Sign up 5 or more team members to receive 20% off.

Groups can benefit in these ways:

  • Get each other on the same page,
  • Speak the same strategy language,
  • Access videos during workshops,
  • Show your team you want them to win, and
  • Show your team you want them to stay.

We also train teams. Find out more here.


Frequenely Asked Questions

Your subscription is auto-renewable, and you don’t need to renew the subscription. In case of Flight mode, you will need to renew your subscription that you can do through your account settings.

Starter mode gives access to those getting started with learning strategy into 300+ minutes of video content while Flight mode goes deep into nuances of strategy learning with access to exclusive events and community programs for the subscribers.

You can ask additional questions through our contact us page: or you can direct the questions to 

Yes, you can do group subscription by signing up as a group leader. If you are trying to do it for someone else, you can share the account details or update email-id in the account settings.

No, there is no explicit transfer of subscription allowed as such.

You can just go to your account settings and request for cancellation of your active subscription.

Sweathead Flight Mode Membership


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