About Sweathead

Sweathead started as a place for people to come together and practice strategy. That’s why it’s called “Sweathead”–because, you know, when you practice thinking, your brain sweats.

This isn’t exactly science but we’re maverick like that.

Our “place” was anywhere we turned up–in a podcast, at a conference, in a book, or in a social media feed.

Over time and after talking with and teaching thousands of strategists and account planners around the world, we realized a few things:

  1. Many strategists feel isolated in their work,
  2. Many strategists lack mentorship and training,
  3. Many strategists aren’t sure how to embrace the sense that their work is creative work,
  4. Many strategists lose years to big words nobody else understands, and
  5. Sometimes the most direct way to understanding is to shine a light on what’s already in someone’s head.

One of the most common pieces of feedback our training programs have received is this: “You opened my mind to new ways of doing things. You reconnected me to a love of words. And, in some way, I feel more alive in my work.”

So, now, Sweathead exists to bring together the strategy-inclined. And then to help them, their strategies, and their careers come alive.

Whether it’s someone brand new to advertising and marketing, someone wanting to switch into a new role, or someone wanting to take their strategy to the next level, we’re here for it.

We do this through the following:

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