When The Strategist Decides To Make A Product - George Crichlow, Product Maker

When The Strategist Decides To Make A Product – George Crichlow, Product Maker

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What does the journey from doing strategy for other people’s brands to making your own product look like?

Brooklyn’s George Crichlow made $250,000 selling bamboo hats in high school. This bought him a ticket to the elite Georgetown college and it made George the first person of his family to go to college – most of his family had not stayed in school beyond the fifth grade.

After college, George ran an agency gamut that took him from telling the world about brands to help companies create brands to making his own product and telling the world about it. He was AKQA’s tenth employee in New York and made pitstops at Wolf Ollins and Red Scout along the way.

Now, he does freelance strategy but puts most of his time into Kynsho, an outerwear brand that he created. And it’s into this brand that he puts his love for problem solving, making, and entrepreneurialism.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Running a business in high school
  • The attributes of an entrepreneur
  • Making your own product

Listen to this episode here:

You can find George here http://www.georgecrichlow.com/ and Kynsho here http://www.kynsho.com

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