What Can A Journalist Teach A Strategist? - Ky Chow, Journalist

What Can A Journalist Teach A Strategist? – Ky Chow, Journalist

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Ky Chow is a journalist.

He’s appeared on or in Sky News, The Financial Review, ABC, and SBS in Australia. But he didn’t start his journalist career until his late 20s. He spent his early twenties in accounting and marketing at companies like KPMG, CommSec, and Macquarie Bank.

I wanted to talk to Ky to explore the similarities between journalism and strategy, as well as to understand how he approached making his big career change.

We discuss:

  • How annoying is too annoying when you’re interviewing?
  • How do you become a 5-minute expert?
  • Honoring things you loved doing when you were young
  • Dealing with other people’s negativity about your choices
  • Diversity in the media in Australia
  • How strategists and journalists are similar – How self-interest drives news

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Ky here:

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