The Taboos Of Strategy Work - Kaitlin Maud, Strategy Boss

The Taboos Of Strategy Work – Kaitlin Maud, Strategy Boss

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Kaitlin Maud recently set up Current Forward, a strategy collective based in Austin, Texas.

And as part of her preparation for our conversation (yes, sometimes people do homework… but I don’t judge either way), Kaitlin asked the strategy community on Twitter about strategy taboos – what topics or points of view are just too raw for us to admit or examine?

The taboos we discuss:

  • Strategy is a creative act
  • Good at talking, not good at execution
  • PowerPoint is a weak way to communicate ideas
  • Brief templates are uninspiring to creative teams
  • Briefings are too boring
  • Not every strategist loves brainstorms

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Kaitlin here @kaitlinmaud

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