The Power Of Negativity - Ryan Wallman (Dr Draper), Copywriter

The Power Of Negativity – Ryan Wallman (Dr Draper), Copywriter

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Ryan Wallman is an Associate Creative Director at Wellmark in Melbourne, Australia.

He’s also a prolific Internet satirist. It’s not that he satires the Internet but he does satire marketing and advertising on the Internet.

Formerly a psychiatrist, and having experienced an assault while working with a patient, Ryan switched into a copywriting career later than many.

We discuss:

  • What’s distracting the industry now
  • Why is everything so bland?
  • The power of irreverence, humor, and negativity
  • The industry’s insecurity
  • Ryan’s work as a psychiatrist
  • Why people call things “negative” and what they’re missing out

You can find Ryan at

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Ryan here @dr_draper

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