The Paths Taken By Beautiful Thinkers - Carolyn Hadlock, ECD

The Paths Taken By Beautiful Thinkers – Carolyn Hadlock, ECD

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Do creative lives happen in straight lines?

Carolyn Hadlock is Executive Creative Director at Indianapolis’s Young & Laramore. She does creative work but, as part of doing that creative work, Carolyn also does ethnography.

She likes to go deep into people’s lives to try to understand what’s going on inside their minds. It’s an unusual combination–a creative director who does ethnography–and it’s led her to set up her own publication Eunoia where she’s recently started documenting other people whose minds are also unusual combinations.

In this interview, we discuss: 

  • The creative and agency scene in Indianapolis
  • Young & Laramore and the work they do
  • Carolyn’s circuitous path into advertising (after seven years of undergraduate study), and
  • Carloyn’s investigation of minds she finds beautiful through Eunoia

Listen to this episode here:

You can read her interviews with beautiful thinkers and listen to them chat at Eunoia:

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