The Only Work To Do Is Brave Work - Anselmo Ramos, CCO

The Only Work To Do Is Brave Work – Anselmo Ramos, CCO

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Anselmo Ramos co-founded and sold the Miami agency David after years working his way around the world.

Madrid, New York, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires feature on his itinerary. He recently cofounded another agency, Gut. You’ll know him from his work with Burger King and Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches.” He takes risks and takes on clients who’ also take risks. For, what else is there?

We discuss:

  • The difficulties in doing brave work
  • The challenges in finding brave clients
  • The shared DNA of planning and creative roles
  • A rubric to apply to ideas in creative reviews
  • The importance of dating in business

It’s one of those chats to which I hope strategists, creative teams, and clients can listen to develop more empathy and commit to bigger ambition for and with each other.

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Anselmo here @anselmoramos

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