The Early Years Of Strategy Careers - Tess McGourty, Strategist

The Early Years Of Strategy Careers – Tess McGourty, Strategist

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Tess McGourty is strategy lead at Elephant in Los Angeles.

Elephant is part of digital agency Huge, so Tess now works on digital projects. She started in a media agency then spent several years in advertising. And she has written several articles for strategists new to the industry. So this is what we decided we’d talk about.

We discuss:

  • Mentorship and what’s the point?
  • Unusual career leaps into planning
  • Working with creative teams
  • Introversion, overconfidence, and burnout
  • Switching from advertising planning to experience planning

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Tess here @tessmcgourty and her articles here

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