The 4Cs, Get/To/By, And The Four Points (Plus 1 Million Listens!)

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Massive thanks for helping us reach one-million listens. Yes, it’s just a number but it sounds good and you can say “one million” like the bad guy in Austin Powers. Thank you to everyone who’s let me into their heads–guests and listeners.

In this episode, I discuss how there’s no such thing as a “right” way to do strategy and how frameworks like the 4Cs, Get/To/By, and the Four Points can work together or not. The onus is on the frameworker to use what works for them without being rigid or dogmatic.

I share two examples that are…you know, okay. But definitely beatable.

Hawaii–get remote workers to move there (when the world was locked down). Find it here.

And Freelancing–convince someone resistant to freelancing to try it. Find it here.

Happy 1 million listens to us!


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