It's Noisy In My Head - Natalie Tran, National Treasure

It’s Noisy In My Head – Natalie Tran, National Treasure

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Natalie Tran has spent her entire adulthood on YouTube. Not literally. But she first published videos to YouTube in 2006 when she was 20 and she kept going.

Well, until recently. In public, Natalie appears confident and articulate, and as the owner of a savage wit and powerful brain.

She’s at ease in her honesty and with what makes her feel vulnerable but she also deals with a noisy head and has spent long periods not leaving her home and not moving much between rooms in her home. I really appreciate Natalie sharing her experience with us in this chat. She’s an incredible spirit.

We discuss:

  • The early days of YouTube
  • How YouTube has changed
  • How Natalie approaches her writing and projects
  • Living with OCD and supporting someone with OCD
  • Getting older
  • Why Natalie doesn’t own a TV station or have a national TV show

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