How To Make A Global Brand Feel Local - Govind Pandey, CEO

How To Make A Global Brand Feel Local – Govind Pandey, CEO

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Govind Pandey is CEO of TBWA\India, a global advertising agency he sees as a startup.

This idea is an easy one to say but Govind can speak to what this actually means as part of his philosophy of running the company (Is the agency solving interesting problems well? Is the agency applying what they learn back to their projects? Are they building new revenue streams and pricing models because of this?).

We discuss these ideas and we get into the challenges of taking global brands to India, a country with states bigger than many countries. And we chat planning because, guess what? Govind was a planner. And we hear how TBWA mandates 12% of direct costs to planning and how the global CEO looks at this. Amazing.

Topics we touch:

  • How brands like Suzuki, McDonalds, Coca Cola, and Cadburys have adjusted to India
  • The role of celebrity in Indian advertising
  • Going from planner to management, CEO

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