How Feedback And Reviews Can Help Big Teams Do Even Better Work - Twitter Next

How Feedback And Reviews Can Help Big Teams Do Even Better Work – Twitter Next

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Let’s say you have one hundred team members spread across the world. They work on thousands of briefs for massive brands every year. Often, they have to reach great ideas within a matter of days. They’re doing well but you believe they can do even better. Where do you start?

Aly Baer is a Director at Twitter Next in New York and John Lee is a lead of the Twitter Next lab in San Francisco. Their team helps marketers and agencies create ideas worth talking about on Twitter.

This is an unusual discussion for me because I’m talking with two people with whom I worked on exactly the challenge above. Having spent time with all kinds of companies, I can say that their challenges weren’t uncommon in the happening but they can be uncommon in the way companies tackle them. And, because of this, I wanted to talk about the work we did together knowing we’d tread a fine line between what they can feasibly say as representatives of one of the world’s most influential companies and not wanting to be too self-indulgent or sycophantic.

We discuss: 

  • How thousands of ideas travel through Twitter Next
  • Giving feedback about work while it happens
  • The benefits of frequent reviews of work once the work has happened

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