How Could You Work On That? - Jen Bonhomme, Strategist

How Could You Work On That? – Jen Bonhomme, Strategist

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Where are your morals?

Do they exist on one side of a line and prevent you from working on projects and clients on the other side of the line?

Where is the line?

How did it get there?

Has it ever moved?

Jen Bonhomme is VP of Planning at Huge in Brooklyn. We chat about working on projects that others object to because they are evil or taboo and we discuss how to enjoy the taboo on all projects.

We discuss:

  • Miss America
  • organized objectification or scholarships?
  • The opioid crisis
  • The role of the military in US values and policy
  • Insurance for the ultra rich

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Jen here @JenBonhomme and her strategy framework collection here:

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