Get In Where You Fit In (Or Make A Thing To Fit You) - Zoe Scaman, Strategist

Get In Where You Fit In (Or Make A Thing To Fit You) – Zoe Scaman, Strategist

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Zoe Scaman runs Bodacious, a strategy consultancy in London.

After a good run through Droga5, Undercurrent, Naked, and Adidas (yeah yeah, this is your dream list), Zoe isn’t exactly settling down because maybe that’s not how she’s made. In fact, after growing up bouncing around, getting expelled twice, living in America, West Sussex, and Sydney, and constantly seeking new experiences and new ideas, maybe she came to the realization she didn’t fit in anywhere and then she had to work out how to create the thing in which she fitted. But now that this is written here, she’ll probably defy it. So, whatever.

We discuss: 

  • How Zoe grew up
  • What makes a good strategist
  • The consulting life
  • We touch on mental health, self-perception, self-worth,
  • and a bunch of other ideas that I think a lot of people will relate to,
  • and I appreciate Zoe’s openness.

Listen to this episode here:

You can find Zoe here @zoescaman and Bodacious here

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