Advertising Under Pressure - Nancy Hill, Former 4As President

Advertising Under Pressure – Nancy Hill, Former 4As President

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Nancy Hill became President and CEO of the 4As in 2008. The 4As is the American Association of Advertising Agencies.

It is the main advertising agency body in the USA. In 2008, the economy tanked, middle-management roles disappeared, salaries didn’t disappear, and the misbehaviors of agency leaders started going public.Many people set up their own agencies as a way to do work they liked and to regain a sense of control over their careers.

Nancy now consults with some of these small and mid-sized agencies in her company The Agency Sherpa.

We discuss:

  • How diversity requires public numbers
  • Trade publications and whether they are too cozy with their topics
  • Where money goes in holding companies (i.e. not to you)
  • New York arrogance and titles
  • Does planning even work in the USA?

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