Advertising Freelancers, If You're Trying To Build Your Own Business, Listen To This - Brandon Williams

Advertising Freelancers, If You’re Trying To Build Your Own Business, Listen To This – Brandon Williams

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If you’re a freelancer exchanging time for money and chasing invoices while trying to explain to people what value you can really bring, how could setting up a company help you?

Brandon Williams runs 55 Media Group in Los Angeles. We were going to talk about what it’s like to freelance––to go in and out of companies that aren’t always functional––but we ended up discussing Brandon’s journey from artist to advertising freelancer to business-haver to, now, business-runner.

Brandon has such a broad background and works in so many different ways that, as we spoke, I kept trying to put my finger on exactly how he is trying to fit into the world. This is because I speak with a lot of freelancer and consultants who are trying to work it out. And I thank Brandon for letting me basically interview him to understand what exactly he is trying to do. And it’s big. His goal is to hire the most people of color in North America while making afro-futurism happen now.

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