A Young Lion In Cannes - Max Slonim, Strategist

A Young Lion In Cannes – Max Slonim, Strategist

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Max Slonim is a senior strategist at Initiative in New York. He’s attended the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity twice. The first time he attended was to compete as a Young Lion. He and his partner had 24 hours to come up with a campaign. This year, he attended the academy.

You can think what you want of the festival – good or bad. That’s because you’re an independent thinker. I have no vested interest in seeing the event in any particular way. Truth is, it’s a private, profit-focused enterprise. It’s not some universally ordained governing body or representation of what we do. It doesn’t represent me. It’s a business. It’s its own thing. I spoke there once. I enjoyed it. But I didn’t get carried away with the materialistic nature of it – the boats, the rosé, the awards. I didn’t even drink. But so what? If you’re into that, do you. And then know that people you didn’t give pay-rises to this year because your holding company is 15 years into salary freezes are watching. Live with it. Max has also enjoyed his two tours of Cannes. And this is what we discuss.

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