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Sweathead Updates

Welcome to the new Sweathead website

This website is the next phase of Sweathead. A home for classes. Community. Events. Everything. There is a lot in store for 2022. We’re excited and we hope you are too.

We’re in the process of migrating everything. You may encounter some technical issues. Sorry, in advance, if you do. Email us at hello [at]  sweathead [dot] com.

For original Sweathead Founding Members (i.e. you bought a membership before November 18, 2021), you can access your original Strategy Summer Camp classes here.

We are slowly adding existing members to the website. Some of you will have received your login info for the Beta version of the site which will continue to work here. However, we’ve been having issues with these emails. So, if you haven’t received your login or if you have any issues logging in, shoot us a message and hello [at]  sweathead [dot] com (or use the contact popup in the bottom right corner).


  • Over 4 hours of strategy fundamentals,
  • Plus fresh videos every month.
  • Discuss the strategy career with strategists around the world.
  • Share techniques, research, tools, case studies, and more.
  • Live members-only events every month,
  • Discounts to our conferences and paid events.

$195 per year

$20 per month

Join over 1,000 strategists learning strategy and learning from one another.

What is Sweathead?

Sweathead exists to help people build lives around their strategy instincts.
We launched in 2018 as a podcast to help strategists and account planners learn from each other.
Then we launched a Facebook group, which now hosts 17,000 people, an online learning membership, and a conference.
This website is our next step–a learning community hellbent on the strategy life.

Sweathead Events

The Sweathead Do-Together

The Sweathead Do-Together was the first strategy conference you can turn into a plan.

2021 was a success. We can’t wait for year two, in 2022.

Sep 22-24, 2021

Advertising, We Need To Talk

Sep 22-24, 2021

Our Programs


The 2021 Strategy Accelerator

Mark Pollard

Mark Pollard

Our first multi-week directed learning launched this winter. A small cohort works together, learning Strategy from Mark Pollard.

Winter 2021


On Running
We run programs and consult with agencies, in-house teams, and marketers around the world.Teams contact us when they feel stuck, in a mess, or like they need a kick in the creative pants. Our programs are backed up by research in pedagogy and are the opposite of corporate.

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