Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year

While many people avoid using the word “problem”, a lot of seasoned strategists see strategy as a problem-solving discipline. Some even think you can’t have a strategy without having a problem.

Sure, optimists will correct you when you say the word in a meeting–”Oh, we don’t have problems–we just have opportunities.” But they’ll say it as if you’ve just criticized them and they want to police your thoughts from now on.

  • Problems are useful and desirable,
  • The problem you’re given isn’t always the problem you need,
  • There are ways to deal with powerful people and problems, and
  • Problems are worth having.

Rodrigo will show you a methodology for exploring then selecting problems.

Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year

Over 3 hours from 12 pm to 3 pm ET on Thursday, March 23, 2023, Rodrigo will get you hands-on with problems. He’ll take you through the following:

How to assess the problem
you’ve been given,

The different kinds
of problems, and

How to find the “right”

Rodrigo Maroni is Chief Strategy Officer of Wunderman Thompson in New York. He has been Head of Strategy & Data at CP+B Brasil and Head of Planning at Wieden+Kennedy, São Paulo. He was also head of Brazil’s APG (Grupo de Planejamento).

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Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year