How To Find A Strategy Voice

No more inside voice, ok?

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Strategists often bounce between voices in their early years. If you’ve attended college, you’ll have an Essay Voice. You’ll also have a Job Interview Voice and a Formal Presentation Voice.

But, often, as you start to publish in public, you realize these voices don’t work on social media but, then, don’t you have to represent your fancy company online with an ever-so-serious voice?

  • A writing practice trumps an infatuation with “personal brand”,
  • What works on platforms like LinkedIn,
  • How to work out what to write about, and
  • How to play with different voices.

You’ll spend a lot of the class writing.

Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year

Over 3 hours from 12 pm to 3 pm ET on Friday, April 21, 2023, Mark will get you hands-on with your voice. He’ll take you through the following:

How to mine your frustrations for other people,

How to structure social posts, and

How to make things like carousels.

Mark Pollard (LinkedIn) runs Sweathead. He’s also run strategy teams at Big Spaceship, Edelman, and Leo Burnett. He was on the Account Planning Group (APG) committee in Australia 12 years ago. He’s spoken at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, AIGA How Design, Google Firestarters, and more. He also once published Australasia’s first full-color hip hop magazine “Stealth”.

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Teams can benefit in these ways:

  • Get each other on the same page,
  • Speak the same strategy language,
  • Access videos during workshops,
  • Show your team you want them to win, and
  • Show your team you want them to stay.

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Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year