The Art of Deck-Making

FFS, tell a story this time

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Some decks are like battering rams. Troves of big words and bullet points clumped together into a dull weapon trying to break down the biggest wall ever. Other decks are like shrugs, lazy gatherings of information just shrugging their way around the world. Shrug here. Shrug there.

Great decks are shows. Maybe they’re stages for your shows because, as any presentation teacher will say, “Remember, you’re the presentation.” Either way, showmanship (or, show-person-ship) will help you get your ideas remembered.

  • How to structure your decks,
  • How to use words and images on your slides,
  • How to get and keep attention, and
  • Simple design tips.

Aisha will show you a framework for deck-making that will help you stand out.

Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year

Over 3 hours from 12 pm to 3 pm ET on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, Aishha will get you hands-on with decks. She’ll take you through the following:

The 3-act story-telling structure,

How to make a point, and

How to start and finish.

Aisha Hakim (LinkedIn) is an Associate Creative Director at 72&Sunny, one of the world’s most prolific advertising agencies. She’s an art director by trade and has published a viral deck about making decks called, funnily enough, “The Art of Deck-Making”. You can find Aisha on Twitter @aishamadeit. Her portfolio website is here.

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Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year