Strategy Is Your Prague

Monday, June 24, 2024, 1pm to 5pm, in Prague, Czechia.

Venue: The Publicis Groupe Office,
Boudníkova 2514/5
DOCK in FOUR – Floor 6
180 00 Praha 8

Learn and practice the most fun parts of advertising strategy with Sweathead CEO and author of “Strategy Is Your Words” Mark Pollard.

This is Mark’s first 4-hour masterclass in Prague.
Mark will be joined by Jakub Kantor (Kantor Studio and the Brand Talk podcast) and Publicis strategist Sam Sadovsky (LinkedIn) who’ll help to teach.

Tickets are USD$210.
How are you going to help make an advertising campaign get inside people’s heads if you struggle to write words that get into your colleagues’ heads?
Words are a strategist’s currency but too many strategies are written in spite of their audience, not for their audience.
  • The Four Points framework,
  • Ideas–linear and lateral thinking,
  • Insights–how to have and write them,
  • Strategy–how to write it, and
  • Why brands need you to use words better.

You’ll run through over 10 exercises and make your own Four Points for a brand.

Tickets are USD$210.

Over 4 hours from 1pm to 5pm (Prague time) on Monday, June 24, 2024, Mark, Jakub, and Sam will get you hands-on with strategy. He’ll take you through the following:

How to work a problem into a creative brief,

How to write insights, and

How to write strategies that get into heads.

Mark Pollard (LinkedIn) runs Sweathead. He’s also run strategy teams at Big Spaceship, Edelman, and Leo Burnett. He was on the Account Planning Group (APG) committee in Australia 12 years ago. He’s spoken at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, AIGA How Design, Google Firestarters, and more. He also once published Australasia’s first full-color hip hop magazine “Stealth”.

Jakub Kantor (LinkedIn) is a brand strategist and runs Kantor Studios. He’s worked with brands such as Komerční banka, Dr. Oetker, PONER, Atreya, and Nestlé. He hosts podcasts Brand Talk and Brand Hunters (the first ever Czech podcast about brands).

Sam Sadovsky (LinkedIn) is a media consultant at Publicis Groupe
 in Prague. Principles taught by Sweathead have helped Sam co-develop successful campaigns for brands such as Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Tullamore D.E.W. or Livesport. Sam has gained recognition through 20 creativity and effectiveness awards, as well as a nomination for Czech marketing talent of the year.

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Teams can benefit in these ways:

  • Get each other on the same page,
  • Speak the same strategy language,
  • Access videos during workshops,
  • Show your team you want them to win, and
  • Show your team you want them to stay.

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