Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year

Artificial intelligence is in its infancy. When we’ve surveyed our own community (find our report here), A.I. seems to excite, terrorize, and bore people in equal measure: people use it to kickstart their ideas but sometimes the effort doesn’t seem worth it. But are you using it in the best way?
  • Which A.I. tools fit which needs,
  • How to save time on repetitive, monotonous tasks,
  • The most useful A.I. tools for strategy work, and
  • How to bring A.I. tools into your personal workflow.

Dominika has been researching the field for years and is on the verge of completing her PhD.

Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year

Over 3 hours from 12 pm to 3 pm ET on Thursday, May 23, 2024, Dominika will get you hands-on with artificial intelligence tools. She’ll take you through the following:

A set of questions to determine what you need A.I. to do,
Tools that can help those needs, and

She’ll get you hands on with these tools.

Dominika Węglarz has worked as a Strategy Director at McCann, LOLA MullenLowe, and Heartbeat. She’s currently a PhD candidate at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Spain. She is based in New Jersey and works with agencies on their approach to artificial intelligence.

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Teams can benefit in these ways:

  • Get each other on the same page,
  • Speak the same strategy language,
  • Access videos during workshops,
  • Show your team you want them to win, and
  • Show your team you want them to stay.

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Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year