Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year

Managers who don’t understand what it means to be a creative human will often make their team members feel insecure. One technique is to get their team to focus on their weaknesses. 

In this manager’s mind is an abacus and they see their goal as trying to line up all the abacus beads in a vertical row. Rather than pushing their team’s strengths into superpowers, they see their role as evening-out and, as Head of Evening-Out, they’d rather not let someone get carried away with what makes them good because they have so much other stuff to work on.

  • Planners come in all shapes and sizes,

  • None of us can be equally brilliant at everything,

  • We need to learn then love our superpowers, and

  • There are lots of superpowers out there, some of which are already inside of you.

Andy will cover ten superpowers he’s come to love over his 30 years as a planner and manager of other planners. And you’ll get to explore your own superpowers while hearing from other people about what theirs might be.

Flight Mode members can attend 4 masterclasses each year

Over 3 hours from 12pm to 3pm ET on Thursday, February 23, 2023, Andy will get you hands-on with planning superpowers. You can try his on. You can try other people’s on.

For the ten superpowers he’ll focus on, Andy will take you through the following:

An introduction of
the superpower,

An exercise to get you to explore it, and

A discussion about
what you learned.

Andy Nairn is Co-founder of Lucky Generals. In 2021, he was named the UK’s best planner by Campaign Magazine for the third time in a row. He’s written a book called “Go Luck Yourself” and he’s Scottish.

Obviously, Scottish heritage is one of Andy’s many superpowers because, in advertising, being Scottish gives you a chip on your shoulder and it helps you to see things differently.

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