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 What you’ll learn 

Our Starter Mode membership will give you access to hours of classes. The videos aren’t as fancy as our accelerator videos but, in our effort to make our classes available to as many people as possible, they still do the job. Topics include:

What is strategy?

What strategy is not

What ideas are

How to think of new ideas

The Four Points Framework

How to analyze problems

How insights work

How to write an insight

10 ways to write strategy

Subscribe for $195 per year


“My brain feels much fitter now. Like training with your own body weight, [these classes] make you feel stronger, faster, healthier, happier–every time you agree to sweat. So glad I've done it. Thank you, Mark, for that insane amount of your efforts and thoughts I got access to.”

Boris Jaeger

Creative Direction & Strategy Company, DJI, Germany

“I think that this is a course that all strategists should experience, no matter where they are in their career. Not just because of the frameworks and different tools it offers, but because of the thought-provoking questions it gets you to ask of yourself as a person.”

Kevin Brockenbrough

SVP/Group Strategy Director, TBWA/WorldHealth, USA

“The best strategy course I've ever done. And the fact that it's an online course makes that an amazing feat. Highly recommended.”

Adam Horne

Creative Director, Berghs School of Communication, Sweden

“I used to have strategist impostor syndrome. Having gone through this course, I'm finding I'm already more confident in everything from strategy sessions to one-on-one client conversations.
I'm also a better leader of junior team members. It's all about asking the right questions - and being patient about getting the answers you need for a great approach. Some day soon, I know I'll be able to confidently own the title of strategist.”

Agency worker

“This course so far is reawakening my inner child, a deep place that I thought I'd never revisit. If you're in the mood of waking up from your creative slumber, start Sweathead. Today.”

Yankie Shpigelman

Lead Strategist, FlipTheWorld, Canada

“Fun and challenging at the same time. The lessons taught me how to better structure my thoughts, how to distinguish thinking inside and outside the box, how to explore my beliefs and how to play with words and meaning. In my opinion this is great for everyone and a must-have for agencies, schools and creative teams.”

Jolanda van Meringen

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Subscribe for $195 per year

Who is the Sweathead Starter Mode for?

People often ask, “Is this advanced or for beginners?” but we find this a tough question to answer because we’ve seen people at all stages of their careers benefit–from students to mid-career job switchers and CEOs.

Starter Mode

You’re ready to take your strategy self more seriously

You want to take control of your strategy education

You’re happy working at your own pace.

USD $195/year

Flight Mode

You want to give your strategy career a big push

You want self-directed learning

You want access to the Sweathead Do-Together

You want access to other premium events and content.

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  • Access videos during workshops,
  • Show your team you want them to win, and
  • Show your team you want them to stay.

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Frequenely Asked Questions

Your subscription is auto-renewable, and you don’t need to renew the subscription. In case of Flight mode, you will need to renew your subscription that you can do through your account settings.

Starter mode gives access to those getting started with learning strategy into 300+ minutes of video content while Flight mode goes deep into nuances of strategy learning with access to exclusive events and community programs for the subscribers.

Yes, you can! Once you checkout with Flight mode, the net amount will be minus the starter mode subscription amount.

You can ask additional questions through our contact us page: or you can direct the questions to 

Yes, you can do group subscription by signing up as a group leader. If you are trying to do it for someone else, you can share the account details or update email-id in the account settings.

No, there is no explicit transfer of subscription allowed as such.

You can just go to your account settings and request for cancellation of your active subscription.

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