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    How do you sell something that is both completely new and completely known?

    Food podcast host Dan Pashman invented a new pasta shape called cascatelli. And documented it in a (now) 7-part series.

    It’s like a “waterfall” with a thick middle and ridges that pasta can attach to.

    Pashman believes there are three characteristics of pasta and his pasta is excellent in all three:

    • Sauceability: How readily sauce adheres to the shape
    • Forkability: How easy it is to get the shape on your fork and keep it there
    • Toothsinkability: How satisfying it is to sink your teeth into it

    Here’s the problem:

    • How do you convince people to try a new pasta shape when almost no one has ever heard of a new pasta shape being invented?
    • Who is the audience for an expensive pasta shape?
    • How do you grow the audience of a pasta shape without it becoming a short term fad?

    So, what’s your strategy?



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