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    I am sharing an advertisement that I like.

    Story of the ad can be found here:

    I was looking for a past discussion thread around this topic but could not find it. I am currently taking a copywriting course. This week we have been sharing advertisements and discussing visual approaches. Twelve visual approaches are suggested in the textbook “Advertising Concept and Copy” (George Felton).

    1. Demonstrate the product in use

    2. Show the product itself, unwrapped or still in its package

    3. Present a close up of some crucial part of the product

    4. Emphasize a visually interesting aspect of the product story

    5. Emphasize not the product but a person connected to it

    6. Highlight the benefit of using the product

    7. Go a step further and show the lifestyle the product helps create

    8. Use split screen imagery

    9. Show not the product but some modification of it.

    10. Remove rather than add (crop the image, show only part of the product)

    11. Show nothing (use all type instead)

    12. Walk away from the product (go towards things associated with it, or consequences).

    Feel free to add on to this thread with your preferred ads.

    Kind regards,



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